Dino Writers Pachycephalosaurus Pen

I have a real post coming in a day or two, I promise, but I just wanted to ask you guys something– has anyone ever seen a series of pens that came out with the Lost World toy line, called Dino Writers? They’re pens with little JP dinosaur toys as caps, and I’d never seen or heard of them until I found one at one of my local stores. It’s a Pachycephalosaurus*, and it’s pretty cool:





It’s a pretty neat little toy– my crappy cell phone photos don’t do it justice– with some good detail and accurate coloration. I just thought it was weird that I’d never seen any Dino Writers (apparently there are two other kinds) on JPToys, Ebay or anything. Are any of you familiar with them, and if so, do you have pictures? This seems like a pretty cool line and it would be nice to at least see the other dinosaur pens that were made.

I’ll be going to that store again sometime soon, and they might have another one. If they do, I’m planning on picking it up and selling it, so hit me up if you’re interested!

*I cannot get over how hilarious/ridiculous this is. I would make a “Racist Pachycephalosaur” meme, but I probably couldn’t do it tastefully. Anyway, it’s too great to pass up. Memes should be made.

EDIT: The pen actually works! I thought for a while that it wouldn’t, since it’s been sitting in a package since roughly the time I was born, but apparently I was wrong. Now I have to figure out something really awesome and important to write with it.

ANOTHER EDIT: I checked the store today and, sadly, the other pen was not there. I’d provide a link to where one could buy another one, but the pen in this post seems to be the only evidence that ‘Dino Writers’ pens have ever existed on the face of the Earth. This is some real Twilight Zone crap going on. Anyway, sorry to disappoint; if the other pen surfaces, I’ll say so right away.


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