Fanfics You Should Be Reading #10

Welcome to Fanfics You Should Be Reading, where I show you the fanfics that have recently given me heart palpitations! Let me tell you, this was not an easy one to write. Since literally three hours after Jurassic World came out, there’s been– just as I predicted– an enormous flood of fanfiction about not only JW, but all of the movies. There seems to have been a resurgence in interest in the entire franchise, as evidenced by all of the fan art and fanfiction that’s showing up. (And all of the Tumblr roleplay blogs surfacing.) This is fantastic and I wish I could personally celebrate each and every one of these people’s contributions to the fan community, but there isn’t enough time, so I had to pick my favorite few pieces of writing that came out in the beginning of the past month. I’ll definitely do some more of these since there’s so much to cover; for now, I’m focusing on some of the first stuff published on Archive of our Own– which now hosts 22 full pages of JW fanfiction alone– since most of the stuff on is OC or reader shipping stuff and I personally have no interest in that. To narrow it down even further, I’m not going (for this one, at least) to review any of the beautifully-written but very short Owen/Claire romance stories, or any of the smut that I’m sure is beautifully-written but which is not in keeping with Jurassic Adventures’ PG rating.

#1– Life According to Blue by LadyKnightSkye

Summarization: Remember that baby-raptor scene we all pined for? If the movie had had an extra half-hour to spare and Trevorrow had decided to create something that would appeal to the “easily susceptible to baby-dinosaur heart attacks” demographic, this is what we would have gotten. It’s the story of Blue’s life from the day she’s born until after the events of the movie, and it gives us a full, endearing look into the mind of everyone’s favorite beta raptor.

Why you should be reading it: If the 657 kudos it has aren’t enough to convince you: Not only is it exceptionally written (it pulls off the raptor’s POV that I so admire when it’s done well) but it’s presented in exactly the way that Jurassic World would have presented it. Something about the writing makes it very, very easy to imagine the scenes playing out on the big screen, especially since the characters’ voices are written so well and the pacing is just as brisk as the film’s. Blue’s story is intermingled with Owen and Barry’s, which gives us looks into two great perspectives as well as exploring the way that Owen and his girls’ relationship develops. There are quite a few stories out there now about Owen raising the Raptor Squad from babies, and a lot of them are very good, but very few of them resounded with me the way that this one did. Plus, there’s this line– “Grrrrrrowwr, means “f*** you” in dinosaur.”

#2– A Strange Kind of Love by crowleyshouseplant

Summarization: Told partially in second-person, this is the story of what happens when Owen starts his job. He finds Robert Muldoon’s journal and learns about what happened to the last guy who tried to work with velociraptors. It takes a comparison that a lot of us have been making since we knew what Owen’s character was like and expands it into a one-shot.

Why you should be reading it: Modesty forbids me from comparing my story The Center Cannot Hold to this masterpiece, but it does have a very similar spirit and if you liked my Robert Muldoon story, you’ll definitely love crowleyshouseplant’s. It shows studies into both a side of Owen that we don’t often see explored– his less confident, more uncertain side– and into Robert’s journey through nearly the same situation as Owen. This tells the story of what Jurassic Park was like before the events of the first movie, which is often attempted but not so easy to pull off without being tedious, as well as ties what happened there into the events of this movie. This is a great read overall, and it has some of the most skilled, accurate characterization that I’ve ever read in stories for this franchise. I especially love how the author writes Hammond and Muldoon’s interactions.

#3– The Pack Survives by Whreflections

Summarization: This is a series of drabbles about Owen and his raptors. I know that sounds like half of the other stories in the archive, but trust me on this one. There are a couple of short stories about the park being started up again, one about Delta’s death (everyone seems to agree that it was Delta who got thrown and who possibly didn’t die; I guess nearly every single person in the fandom can’t be wrong, but it might not be possible to tell with 100% certainty until we get the Blu-Ray) and one about Blue’s death. All of them are well-written enough to be turned into complete stories, but they stand well on their own.

Why you should be reading it: This has good storytelling and everything, don’t get the impression that it doesn’t, but I love it so much because of its emotional value. You want feels? There are feels here. The author excellently captures Owen and his raptors’ relationship– and shows, with the contrast in Owen’s character in the Blue and Delta stories, how much it’s evolved– as well as his relationship with Claire. It’s sweet, heartbreaking and tearjerking, and it makes me want to ask an artist to draw a Raptor Squad memorial so I can feel even more.

That’s it for this week. Honorable mentions go to You’d Be Amazed How Much Baby Raptors Love Cuddling by awkwardCerberus (need I explain why?), Owen, Claire and the Land Mosasaurus by CJCroen1393 (his story A Patchwork Pack is better, but this one made me giggle so much that I couldn’t not share it; if you don’t watch a lot of Spongebob, though, you may not get it) and That Old Saw by khooliha (which has an intriguing concept and great writing, and which I swear I didn’t just mention because I love the idea of Malcolm with a cuddly, feathery baby raptor curled up on his lap). I love your work, guys! It makes me grip my computer monitor and weep!


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