Mauling Some Minions

Please allow me to take this opportunity to offer you a groveling apology for yet another week-plus hiatus. Classes started for me last week, and since then, the two scrawny children named Constant Stress and Poor Motivation have returned to live under my clothes like in A Christmas Carol. I’ll go back to running this blog like an actual blog at some point this week, I swear. Until then, a beautiful human being named The Salesman on Jurassic Park Legacy held a contest recently, wherein we all took our Jurassic Park dinosaurs and let them murder Minion toys in the most creative ways possible. Here’s my entry for the contest:

Minion mauling

And here’s my dad’s, which I find far more poetically just and beautifully gory (we worked separately if you’re reading this, Salesman, he did his completely independent of me):

Raptor Squad

Other than doing our separate entries, Dad and I decided that giving Minions what they deserved (for knocking JW out of the box-office top spot, replacing JW toys on shelves, daring to put their horrible little banana faces on everything, even my Twinkies, what has the world come to when even Twinkies aren’t sacred anymore, etc) was just too much fun to stop there. We had a great time with it, as you can see:




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