My Claire Cosplay (Finally)

Tomorrow I’ll be headed out to DragonCon 2015 in Atlanta! I’ll be doing Ian Malcolm on the first day:


And Claire on the second! I’ll be the one carrying the sign that says “Have you seen my nephews?” or, for reference, this chick:





You all know why I took that last one.

I’ll also be identifiable as the Claire walking around with my dad, the Sandman from Logan’s Run:



I plan on meeting lots of awesome people (seriously, if I meet another Ian Malcolm I will marry them on the spot, this is not a drill), taking lots of JP pictures to post here and singing this all day. If any of you are going, I really hope to meet you there!

(Shoutout to my awesome mom, who helped me put this together and found a Claire wig for me. It’s available here in case anyone wants one.)


9 thoughts on “My Claire Cosplay (Finally)

  1. Random Writing Prompt: There is at least one other kid Ian has that was mentioned once, nothing is known about this child.
    The kid would be aged 20-ish to 30-ish as of 2015.
    That would mean this would be Kelly’s at least half-sibling.


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