Jurassic World Deleted Scenes

Jurassic World‘s Blu-ray and DVD release won’t come until the 20th of this month, but it’s been available in digital HD for a few days now, and that means we got to see the deleted scenes! Let’s take a look.


All right, more Lowery and Vivian! The more I see this set, the more inclined I am to buy low-quality dinosaur toys and adorn my desk with them in exactly this order. (I mean, for such a dinosaur fan you’d think Lowery would spring for a Papo or two, but with the real things in front of him, I guess his collecting stopped being a priority.) The two of them are watching I. rex on a monitor, presumably a little bit after her escape and before the ACUs get eaten. In the final cut of the movie, we found out about I. rex’s camouflaging during the ACU scene and her ability to change her heat signature through Henry Wu. That’s not the case here:



Vivian says about the thermal camouflaging that “no animal can do that”, which I suppose was either another attempt by the filmmakers to drive into our heads that I. rex is “not natural”, or just something to build up to Wu’s tree frog DNA reveal. And Masrani puts on his concerned face, which Wu probably knows as the “I’m screwed” look:


As much as I might want more Lowery and Vivian, I’m glad this scene didn’t make it into the movie. The shot of I. rex going from leafy-green to white right before she ate Hamada was the best possible reveal of her camouflage ability, and the CGI in this scene is the only shot that I would call horribly done. Your legacy goes on in other ways, Lowery.


Next we see the boys in the jungle between their waterfall dive and their journey to the old Visitors’ Center, wringing their shirts out.


Heartwarming music plays as Gray pulls out a blatantly product-placed chocolate bar. How presumptive would it be to call that a reference to the in-your-face Krackel placement in Lost World?


“Awwww,” I coo, putting my hand over my heart before I reach out again to screencap this.

“Those little family moments are irreplacable,” says a soft voice in the background. “Share a Butterfinger… with the ones you love the most.” The Nestle logo appears.


I’m not a fan of the first part of this scene– the moment is sweet, but the framing and the shaky-cam make it look out of place with the rest of the movie, more like a documentary than a polished movie. The second part, however, I like quite a lot. We get this awesome shot, which showed up in a promo on the official Facebook page a few months before the movie’s release. We also get Zach trying to be reassuring by saying, “Hey, we got this” followed by Gray going on ahead without him. You show him, Gray. You’re a strong, independent kid who don’t need no big brother. This scene would have looked nice in the final film, but it’s better off without the first part.


Next we see the boys in the Isla Nublar jungle. Either the jungles of Hawaii are too picturesque to be accurately captured on film or this is the worst CGI forest I’ve ever seen.


We get to see the exchange from the junior novelization about how if dinosaurs hadn’t gone extinct, “this is what it would be like, people running around scared all the time”. If kicking off the mainland plot is so important to Trevorrow, this would have been a great scene to keep in the film– not only does it plant the “dinosaurs and humans” idea and make it seem ominous from the get-go (I mean, we know it’s an ominous concept, but it’d be easy for basically everyone in-universe to get caught up in the idea), and it establishes that Gray, if he’s in the fifth movie, will be against the idea of dinosaurs and man together from the get-go. Just like the other movies, the kid is one of the only people with some sense in him, and I would love to see him fighting against the idea of mainland and/or militarized dinosaurs in JW2, whether or not he can actually do anything about it; just imagine a scene where a huge group of kids from Gray’s school goes on a field trip to a farm to see Triceratops plowing fields or something, and Gray is the only kid who hangs back and just shakes his head. In other words, I wish this had been kept. Just, y’know, with the treetops touched up a bit.


All right, folks, it’s here! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The poop scene is upon us! It begins with Claire and Owen tramping through the jungle, Claire going on about what a terrible aunt she is and Owen trying to look cool in front of her. (The second many not be as explicit, but we all know it’s true. He’s doing the “look what a bad*** I am” walk.) He says “It’s messy to have other people in your life… Humans are an overrated species,” which leads me to believe that Lowery is not the only Malcolm fanboy in the park. I bet Owen has “borrowed” God Creates Dinosaurs from his desk on multiple occasions. D’awwww.


Claire– horrors!– begins to take off her heels, and Owen stares at the giant mound of poop like it’s the love of his life. She gives her “I thought you were a Neanderthal, I underestimated you” speech from the junior novel. The line delivery up to this point is pretty awkward for both of them, but then again, the dialogue is very clunky.


They engage in a short discussion about whether or not Claire smells like vanilla (I thought she smelled like sunshine? Get the facts about your crush straight, Owen) and whether or not she put on vanilla-scented lotion before she came to see him. I’ll let that stand on its own.



…does anyone else think that a ring in a box in Owen’s hand wouldn’t be entirely out of place in those pictures?

Owen’s about to smear poop on her legs– and looks entirely too happy about it– when she announces “No, I’m perfectly capable of doing this myself,” marches over and proceeds to grab fistfuls of poop, whereas Owen got only about half a handful. The character development might be a bit fast, but hey, it’s a good transition from “I’m determined to hold my own and you can’t stop me” to “I AM JUNGLE QUEEN, HEAR ME ROAR”, so I can dig it! You go, girl!


I feel like this was a little bit unnecessary, although the looks on both of their faces are priceless:




The awkwardness and hilarity that follows, including Claire’s “fine, **** you, I’ll smear poop everywhere” expression, truly cannot be conveyed in words or photos. You simply have to watch it– it’s one of the moments in the movie where you can truly feel the chemistry between them, even though it isn’t exactly a romantic situation. This is also, other than the bungalow scene, the only part of the movie in which Owen laughs and pulls out the Chris Pratt charm. I mean, he goes full Star-Lord for a good minute there, and it’s kinda refreshing. It might not fit in with what’s happening in this scene’s context– but then again, neither does the scene itself– but it is, shall I say, stabilizing to see that Owen has a fun side that can come out at times when he isn’t making unwanted come-ons. He’s not a serious guy all the time and he isn’t a jerk, and this scene shows us that.

Overall, while this scene was as absolutely hilarious as I hoped and dreamed it would be, I think Trevorrow made the right choice by cutting it from the final movie. It breaks the tension of the search for the boys, and in between two heart-racing action scenes, the audience needs to cool down with more plot development, not laugh at something unrelated. It also develops Owen and Claire a bit more but, again, at the expense of cheap poop jokes and unnecessary sexualization. I’m happy with the poop scene for what it is– a funny addition for us to fangirl over.

If you thought that last scene was shippy, just you wait:


Our heroes are hiding under a log (hi there, Gallimimus scene throwback) from what I assume is the I. rex, but they’re more focused on putting their crap-covered hands on each other’s shoulders and intense, prolonged eye contact:

This lasts for 11 seconds.


Claire mutters “I’ll take that tequila now,” and I want to say that feels out of place, but it really isn’t in a movie full of other people dropping one-liners left and right. It’s like “You think they’ll have that on the tour?”– it seems a bit forced and out of place the first few times you watch the scene, but after that you begin to see the cleverness of it.


We take a quick break from adorableness to see Hoskins saying that he’s “gearing up the animals” and heading over to the raptor paddock, and telling a guy dressed almost exactly like Owen to “push back harder” if Owen and Barry resist. That’s basically all there is, and it doesn’t contribute anything to Hoskins’ character that we didn’t already know, so instead of further analysis, allow me to show you this screenshot that I find hilarious.

fite me
“F-f-f-fight me! I-I’m not scared of you! Put up your d-d-dukes!”

Finally, we get another deleted scene from the junior novel, which takes place outside the raptor pen.


“So this is who you’ve been spending all your time with?” “What can I say, she gets me.” This slightly chemistry-less exchange– although I can’t blame Owen, considering the circumstances, for not playing off her as well– is punctuated by another instance of drawn-out eye contact.

This one is 13 seconds.

And that’s the end of the deleted scene reel. As you can see, it was a mixed bag; none of the scenes were terrible, but some of them just didn’t belong in the final film and I’m glad they weren’t put there. All of them, though, were enjoyable, and they’re nice little additions to either canon or fanon, depending on how you look at it.

Actually, I’m glad the poop scene isn’t canon. That would put a pretty unpleasant requirement on some people’s cosplay.


8 thoughts on “Jurassic World Deleted Scenes

    1. I’m buying it, just not immediately after it comes out. I’ll probably wait a couple of weeks and get it sometime after the 4th– I’m saving up to buy stuff on my birthday trip right now. I get to go to Orlando!


  1. “That would put a pretty unpleasant requirement on some people’s cosplay.”

    As unpleasant as elbow-length, poop-covered plastic gloves?


  2. Whenever I saw that scene with Claire and Owen embracing each other hiding from the I rex, all I could think was…

    “Man, Claire must really smell”.

    I mean, come on. It was right after the poop scene. you expect me to not think that?


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