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Wave 3 of the Jurassic World toys is beginning to hit shelves, our wallets are being thoroughly emptied once again, and that means it’s time for yet another toy review! I realize I’m a bit late to the party on these, but I’m gonna be late to the party on quite a few things during the Sisyphus-like trial that is this school year, so bear with me. I haven’t seen a few of these in the flesh– er, plastic– but I can still give my initial impressions.


I believe this is a Basher-Biter and I’ll therefore hold it to lower standards of quality, but while this has its merits, it doesn’t measure up to the first Blue toy. The stance is weird, the colors make her look like Charlie and if that’s supposed to be the camera gear from the chase scene wrapped around her, I really have to wonder if the toy designers even saw the movie. Anyway, we can’t expect Hasbro to make just one toy of the movie’s breakout star, and for a second attempt I guess this could be worse. If you’ve been wanting a captured-raptor toy, here you go, and you may want to invest in some Testors paint to fix up that harness.


I found this one at my local Walmart last week, and I have to say I was impressed. It’s basically a cross between the other 2 Indominus figures that have been produced and both of those are pretty high-quality, so this came out as a nice hybrid (pun intended). I would definitely call this a good buy, especially for the price.



These are adorable and worth the $20, just like they were 6 years ago when Hasbro released them under the FurReal Friends brand. The pteranodon and T. rex are worth buying only if you can’t find them at thrift stories or flea markets; the other two don’t look familiar, but the trike has only had its color changed and I’m unsure whether the stego has been released before. If you’re collecting for the sake of having a complete JW collection, have at it, but if you’re only looking for herbivores or ones that you particularly like, I’d go for the Stegosaur and maybe the Triceratops if you have enough money, since they’re not only original to the line but have distinct JW coloration. And anyway, who am I to tell people not to take home and love several baby dinosaurs?

OK, that’s enough of theoreticals. I went to a Target a little while ago, and that gave me the opportunity to review a few of the new toys that I could see.



The much-anticipated Stomp and Strike Rex has hit stores, and it’s… well, underwhelming. As you can see, the only difference between it and the Chomping T. rex is a little more pudge, a darker color, some rubber skin and $10. It’s not a terrible toy, it’s just not really worth buying unless you’re a Rexy fanatic or don’t already own a Chomping Rex. The rubber skin is a bit cool and makes you think it’s as high-quality as the Bad Boy, but there’s so little of it that it feels more slapdash than sophisticated. Plus, the much-hated head sculpt from the Chomping remains. If you want to get this, more power to you, but if you’re content with only owning one Rexy, go with the Chomping one and buy something else with the money you save.



I do hate to deter you from the cheaper toys and point you towards the more expensive ones, but this is a worthwhile buy (although you should get yours from Wal-Mart if you get one, they’re cheaper there, at $99.) The detail is exquisite– just look at the rubber on its face– it looks exactly like I imagine a baby I. rex would, and it comes with movie sound effects and chomping actions. If you love Indominus and/or have some of the disposable income that some of us would kill for, I’d definitely recommend you buy this.




Next are these “Chomper” things, which are not Brawlasaurs like I thought they were. (Speaking of which, for all the people searching for “Brawlasaurs scan codes free” and “Brawlasaur QR codes” and finding my blog, I do not have them. Please just spend $5 on the ****ing toy, I won’t help you steal JW merchandise.) They’re still cute, though, and I like the cartoony look; they’re like little plastic figures of the smaller official plushies. It should be noted that, when I pressed their flippers and backs like the box said to, none of the toys in my store actually chomped; they just kind of moved their heads, and only chomped when I pressed on their necks. But at $7 and with such cuteness, heck, why not get ’em?




There isn’t too much to say about the gate set, other than that I think it’s the only way to get official JW gates and that it would make a great set for the diorama-makers among us. Again, I would recommend this mostly to Rexy fanatics and diorama makers, but I really want one despite the fact that I’ve only made one or two dioramas in my life, so what do I know. It comes with a small Rexy that appears to be a slight variation on the Basher-Biter one, so this is even more worth buying if you don’t already own one of those.

I could neither afford nor snuggle most of what I just reviewed, so I got myself a Rexy plushie and some notebooks:


Rexy thanked me by demanding that I buy her a sparkly rhinestone collar from the pet aisle and by attempting to eat the Target Dog on the way out.


And as some have noticed, this blog has an official new logo! Eternal thanks to Mike Jenkins for designing this beauty:



2 thoughts on “Newish Toy Reviews

  1. From my many recent Jurassic Park toy reviews, I discovered that it is really hard to review a toy when you don’t actually have it in your hands. Pain in the but really.

    BTW, awesome new logo. I need to commission one for myself one of these days.


    1. Yeah, it really is tough, and I discovered from looking back on my first reviews of the Wave 1 toys that my opinion can change a lot when I actually see the toys. I hope the ones I disliked here undergo a similar shift. And thank you, I think so too! You should definitely incorporate Philosoraptor in it somehow, though.


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