Jurassic World: Operational Again?

Not everyone takes the official Jurassic World website as hard-and-fast canon– and considering the movie advertisements that pepper the main page, neither do I– but lately it has been showing us some very, very interesting things. The least of which is the “technical difficulties” banner: it’s been taken down, and now we’ve regained this:


If that were the only thing on the website that changed, I wouldn’t be making any assumptions now– I’d say it was because the Blu-ray is out, and Universal didn’t want to spoil the movie for people who were about to watch it for the first time. That might still be the case. However, there are a couple of other additions to the website that make me wonder if there’s something different going on, and if the park might be open once again.

Go and take a look through the park map on the website, I promise it’s worth it. There’s the gyrosphere ride, the bamboo forest, the pachy arena– hey, what’s that?


Ohhhh my–



Well, who knows whether or not it’s open to the public, but that’s the original visitors’ center, all right. Right now I’m going to talk about this and the rest of the additions through the lens of them being a part of canon; it won’t be as simple as the obvious explanation (it’s a tidbit that could be added now that the original VC’s presence isn’t a surprise) but they must be in World canon for at least some logical reason, so I may as well look for it.

The reason Simon Masrani kept the building up in the first place, presented in the movie, was that he wanted to humble people and remind them of why they needed to work on making this park different from the last. But I thought the people he was trying to do that to were his employees, not every singe visitor. I guess I could see him doing that, but if he has the same philosophies about the old park as Claire does, why would he open a symbol of the disaster that JW was built on, which according to her morals, would be the epitome of disrespect?

If it were treated with reverence and as more of a memorial than anything– if it were an attraction in the same way that Ground Zero is an attraction in New York City– then I could understand it. The pictures on the page seem to emphasize this, focusing on small details such as the relief above the door and the front of an old JP jeep instead of sweeping shots of the building. Maybe Masrani really did want to create a memorial to something he saw as a great idea, and wanted nobody to forget where the park came from and where it could go. Or, and this can be in conjunction with the rest, Jurassic World was reopened with a “nothing is hidden” policy so that the public could keep the eye on security that it demanded. Either way, it could be interpreted one of two ways– sweet, or worse than Lowery’s shirt.

How much do you think THESE will get on Ebay?

A couple other things have been added, which don’t have full attraction pages but which are tucked away with the rest of the attractions nonetheless:


Well, this just raises more questions. Since it doesn’t have a full page, I’m assuming this is either restricted to the public entirely and exists on the map only as a placeholder; it’s only available to tourists for viewing and not visiting, and Masrani thought it’d be distasteful to advertise the site of somebody’s death as an attraction; or there will be a page and it just hasn’t come up yet. (I hope it’s the last one. I’d love to see what the old Rex paddock looks like after all this time.) You know, I would say that showcasing the site of the T. rex attack– which was most definitely described to the public in as many accounts as were written– is saying something disrespectful to the people who survived the original “InGen Incident”, but really, the whole existence of this park is saying that already. I do have to hand it to these people. When they piss off Grant, Malcolm and Sattler, they do it big.

There’s one more addition to the park map (or more of a revision of an existing attraction), and it opens up even more possibilities:


I’m guessing the 4-raptor thing is either an oversight by the park management, and they just forgot to update this part of the site; or unwillingness by park management to show every bit of damage that went down in the park, and they can get away with it since no visitors see the raptors in the first place anyway. They seem equally logical to me. Also, 73% training acceptance? The girls have a rebellious streak (which we knew already, but still)!  Born to be 27% wild, you go, girls!

“Born 1/4 as free as the wind blows, born 1/4 as free as the grass grows…”

We (speaking as the assumed, in-universe audience for this site) also get a glimpse at the raptors, where before all we could see was a bunch of empty harnesses:



The raptors appear to have had their colors enhanced a bit, and I love the way it looks. Or am I color-blind, and each raptor had those distinct colors and markings in the movie from the beginning? I noticed only the slightest differences between the non-Blue raptors when I saw it on the big screen, and I couldn’t tell them apart at night, so maybe I just wasn’t looking closely enough. But if the girls didn’t look as different in the movie as they do in that picture, I really wish that they had and that the Blu-ray has amended this. I love how Echo looks in particular.

That’s it for the park map, but not for the rest of the site. There have been four new Raptorpasses since the movie was released. First, let’s see my favorite:

This is a really awesome and sweet ad that works very well with the rest of the in-universe advertisement, and I wish it had aired on TV during the leadup to the movie. It’s very well-done and cute, although I can see why they waited to air it, as it shows pretty much every shot of baby dinos in the movie. You can probably imagine how I feel about this, since it has baby dinosaurs in it, so I won’t bother with the fangirling because there’s only so much screaming about babies that I can do before aaahhhhhhhh look it’s the shot where the baby licked her hand! It’s the sweet little baby apatosaur AND THERE’S THE DINOSAUR HUG! THE APATOSAUR HUGGING HIM BACK, THERE IT IS, AND THERE’S ALL THE LITTLE TRIKES AND AND AND–

And here’s my second favorite– technically it’s 2 passes’ worth, but whatever–



I believe the first 2 posters come as a Barnes and Noble exclusive with the Blu-ray, and the other two are about to become exclusives that come with my school’s color printer. I like the second two best, partially because they feature original art and not vectors, and partially because just look at that mosasaur! They look like something that should be hung up in a queue area of an Epcot ride or something. I don’t know who designed these, but kudos to whoever did.

The last one is a 360-degree, “interactive” (I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to rotate the camera or interact with the video in any way, and if anyone does, I’d greatly appreciate if they’d tell me) video of Chris Pratt riding his motorcycle. You get to watch him film his jungle ride sequence from the roving camera on the back of a truck while Trevorrow shouts orders from an undefined location in the background, so that’s fun:

Unrelated to any Jurassic World news, I finally got the Mosasaur toy I’ve been looking for for ages! I didn’t do one of my ridiculous photo shoots (yet), but I did arrange a meeting.

He heard she killed the hybrid, and it was love at first sight.

And unrelated to that, I drew something for JPL’s Last Mrs. Malcolm this week. World, meet Malcolmosasaurus.



6 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Operational Again?

  1. “Ah… glub glub … um… Ah, kids, don’t stick you hands in the tank, I may bite.”

    Looks like the $357 mil is the original domestic box office gross, unadjusted.

    The petting zoo commercial goes all the way up to 1080p!

    Those ‘retro’ posters remind me of some of the Disney attractions / parks posters they have inside the parks.



    1. Ha! I’m glad you like the drawing! Indeed, Malcolmosasaurus is not like other sea-dwelling predators. Much different. He flirts with Zara before swallowing her, and makes sure to make an ethics speech about genetic experiments before devouring I. rex.

      I love the posters for exactly that reason! Something about the humans in the Gyrosphere poster reminds me of the art from an Epcot ride, or a World’s Fair.


  2. A juvenile T. rex? Novel canon lovers rejoice!!!

    Yeah, I noticed some slight variation of color on the raptors in the film, but they never stood still enough nor was the lighting ever good enough to really see the difference. Heck, in this image they all look the same.


    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that, you’re right! Since they mostly took the baby rex idea and ran with it in TLW, I’m pleasantly surprised that novel canon is active on Nublar too. I am curious as to where the little one went, though. “What happened to the baby rex?” “She ate it :)”

      I had no idea there even was color variation on the first movies’ raptors, so yeah, the cinematographers didn’t do so good a job on those either. I really wish they had each stood out more, though, maybe then we could finally settle which was the Big One. I need to know which raptor to fawn over. These are critical issues.


    1. “So I’m choking him. So now I’m fighting Marty. And I’m scared because Marty is giving me this scary look.”

      Thank you for this, I laughed so hard I choked on a Tootsie Roll. Don’t mess with Marty, man.


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