Happy Birthday, Ian Malcolm!

There has been a lot of Jurassic World news coming in lately, and I’m going to cover it, I promise– it’s fascinating, and those who haven’t seen the latest news will be thrilled. (In other words, I will do sane things again, I promise.) For today, though, it’s Jeff Goldblum’s birthday and I thought I should celebrate! So I threw a little party for my Ian Malcolms who, hopefully, are turning something a bit under 63 today.


First I got them cake, punch and party hats.


Then the guests showed up! Frank the Pug, ET, Bellatrix Lestrange and MEIKO were a few of those in attendance. Marie Antionette showed up too, mostly because she heard that people would be eating cake.


Then it was time for them to open presents!


I gave them puppies of their very own, which they proceeded to name Heisenberg, Lorenz and Mandelbrot.


Then it was time for a dance party! There was lots of Bon Jovi and… well, actually it was pretty much all Bon Jovi.


And here they are with all their presents and guests, including a tiny TV I got them. They’ll be watching and correcting science programs in no time.

My friend Fourth Mrs. Malcolm (who you may know as Last Mrs. Malcolm on JPLegacy) also threw a party for her Ians! Her collection is far more extensive than mine, though. I bow to her.

Happy birthday, Jeff Goldblum and Ian Malcolm, and many happy returns!


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ian Malcolm!

    1. And this^ is what happens when you’re cowering behind a computer screen.

      For real, *actual* excess of time and money leads to inequality, war, and Republicans, but you’re ripping on RD’s adorable birthday party for our beloved Ians?

      Go back to 4chan, girl.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Ians! They loved their party and their gifts! Look how happy they are 🙂

    S2 looks like he’s dancing with joy in that second picture.


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