Rexy Goes to the Oscars

As Jurassic World gets more and more cemented as one of the biggest movies of the year, if not the decade– I wouldn’t expect any less from the third-largest-grossing movie of all time– we’re beginning to get more and more hope that it’ll be recognized in big ways. For instance, if you’ve ever been to Universal Orlando, you know that the parks and their resort hotels have a large lake in between them and that guests are ferried between parks and hotels by a system of water taxis. Well, if you pay a visit anytime soon, you just might be able to ride the real-life Isla Nublar Ferry:


Not exactly thrilling, I know, but it might be a sign that more Jurassic Park attractions (like the often-discussed Gyrosphere ride) might be in the works. The VR simulation at the park’s entrance that I showed in my last post may be another indicator. Universal could just have easily named the ferry the Autobot or something and showed off their fancy CGI tech with a bunch of Decepticons menacing visitors, but they went for our beloved World instead. Hmmm…

And speaking of recognition, hey, who here wants to see JW take home an Oscar or two? The movie’s producers just submitted it to the Academy for just about every award possible.


If I had to guess which ones it’s the most likely to win, I’d say the movie might get Best Sound Editing (Indy’s roar alone was a work of art) and possibly Best Visual Effects (the apatosaur sequence would seal the deal). Of course, we all hope it’ll win Best Picture and all, but it didn’t feature any of the Oscar-bait plots such as estranged children (except for Gray and Zach’s rocky relationship with Claire), tragic loss (except for the untimely death of Indy’s sibling) or a has-been actor or genius working to regain their former glory (except for Rexy fighting the most dangerous dinosaur on the planet to regain her rule of the island), so… hey, wait, it has all of those things! Jurassic World was Oscar bait all along! Well, now we really have something to hope for. Everybody start organizing your viewing parties and bribing the Academy judges not to watch Freeheld.

And if we think this movie was Oscar-worthy, just wait until we see the two confirmed sequels. Oh, yeah, those are official now:


That right there is the very first print ad for the second Jurassic World film. Of course, I’m thinking the logo will be different for the new movie and that the park ain’t open anymore, but hey, it’s something! (This is reminding me of when we first got a glimpse at JW’s poster, about a year ago today. Man, that takes me back.

There’s one other thing I’d like to cover– the Masrani backdoor site– but that’s a long post and one that I don’t quite have the time for right now. Next post will be another in my series of Jurassic Park fanfiction author (and/or blogger) interviews, this time with the fabulous Fourth Mrs. Malcolm!

Thanks to Jurassic Park Legacy for all three of those photos and stories.


9 thoughts on “Rexy Goes to the Oscars

  1. And I’m immediately thinking of how to add Oscar-bait to another JP movie… If we make it a prequel, we could set it in WWII, and shoot it in black and white …

    … Or I may be going to hell for simply pitching half of this madness I just typed out and deleted.

    … I was going to have Jeff Goldblum play his own grandfather, and Benedict Cumberbatch can play a young John Hammond…



    1. Oh my god, we could. Wu could have a tragic WWII backstory– some sort of Book Thief thing where a T. rex watches him instead of Death. Hammond could find true love on Petticoat Lane, only to have his lover (played by Julianne Moore) come down with a rare illness and have to read her picture books about dinosaurs as she lies in her hospital bed. Meanwhile, Ewan Malcolm (Ian’s grandfather) has a series of trials while avoiding the Nazis, which possibly climaxes in him unwittingly hitting on Eva Braun. Terrence Malick directs, Giacchino does the score.


      1. I was imagining a young Jewish boy unwittingly befriending a young Velociraptor who’s father worked for the Germans.

        … TOGETHER, they will go on the greatest journey of all, AND DISCOVER the only thing more powerful than hate – IS FRIENDSHIP.


      2. Ha, I like that even better! The Raptor in the Striped Pajamas. Except less depressing, because it ends up with the raptor going on a Nazi-eating rampage while a triumphant Chopin soundtrack plays.


  2. Speaking of movies… Perhaps you’d like to sit down and compare and contrast Michael Crichton’s FIRST famous theme park gone awry movie: WESTWORLD? Remember when Malcolm says “But when the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists?” I wonder if that was a deliberate reference to Westworld.

    ALSO, today (Wednesday) is Delroy Lindo’s birthday; you may remember him as the delightful Captain Wanta from the Michael Crichton film everyone involved HOPED would be the next Jurassic Park: CONGO! I actually like Congo quite a bit, but almost any flick, no matter how good stand-alone, is going to suffer in comparison to JP 😦


    1. I confess that I’ve committed a great Chrichton fan sin– I haven’t seen Westworld yet. It’ll probably be a great movie to watch on my upcoming break. Also, wow, I didn’t know that and happy birthday to Delroy! I enjoyed Congo quite a bit too, but honestly, the objective greatest film of the 21st century could come out and I’d still like JP more.


  3. Additionally, it prefigures Terminator as well, though that could also be said of Demon with a Glass Hand. And I totally forgot it had a so-young-you-almost-can’t-recognize-him James Brolin in it. And Majel Barrett, and Dick van Patten.


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