Jurassic World Goes to London

You may have heard the rumors about Jurassic World 2 being set in London. As I said on Twitter a few days ago, I assumed that the movie would just be shooting on soundstages that happened to be located in London, not that it would actually take place on the streets of the city. Well, a leak today confirmed that I was wrong. Some dedicated member of the Jurassic World community– we don’t know who it is yet, although I’d like to shake his or her hand when we find out– managed to get their hands on some concept art straight from Trevorrow and his team. It’s only rudimentary, as the script is barely  finished, but what it shows is absolutely incredible. With just a few pieces of concept art, we have absolute confirmation that the rumors were true. The next setting for the JW franchise is, indeed, smack dab in the middle of England.

Please keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that this will definitely be what we’ll see in the final picture– it’s just what the writers and producers have in mind at the moment. Only five pieces of art were leaked, but according to my sources, more may be forthcoming. Grab some tea, put on a BBC show, and let’s dig in.


In a scene that looks like it’ll translate beautifully to the big screen, Mosasaur does her trademark jump in the lake beside Parliament. Some people have suspected that BioSyn or a similar rival company to InGen will create its own dinosaurs in the JW sequel; from what we’ve gotten today, there’s no way to confirm or deny this. Mosy and the others could’ve gotten to London by being transported from Nublar (hell if I know why) or by being cloned in the city itself; all we know for sure is that dinosaurs are definitely on the mainland and wreaking havoc. I can see two potential scenarios here, and I like both of them– either dinosaurs are cooperating peacefully with humans in the city and have been for a long time (Mosy could be in the lake as a tourist attraction or something) or they’ve just recently broken out of containment at the time in the movie that this concept art takes place. I’m excited to see which one it is, or if it’s neither.


Next, we see Queen Elizabeth in a bit of a sticky situation with a Dimorphodon. In addition to the fact that this movie will apparently have a lot of celebrity cameos (you’ll see another one in a minute), it looks like the stakes will be even higher this time. In the other movies in the trilogy, the only lives in peril have been those of characters we’ve just been introduced to; we care very much about these characters, of course, but they’re not people we’ve been familiar with for our whole lives. Now, though, we’re looking at the possible deaths of famous people and world leaders. The dinosaurs’ presence has the potential to cause an international crisis.

This continues the concept that began with dinos on the mainland– dinosaurs are now a part of our daily lives (in-universe, of course) and when they attack, it’ll have an impact on much more than just a Costa Rican island. When these animals were taken off the island, they were irreversibly integrated into the world. In other words, this flying reptile about to attack the Queen is representative of a huge shift for the franchise. It shows us that things are changing in a way that they may never be able to come back from. I have to say that I’m not exactly thrilled about this idea– and I’m probably not alone– but after what they did with Jurassic World, especially in contrast with the fan base’s expectations, I trust the production team. If these guys can make an outstanding movie from a premise straight out of the SyFy channel, they can make a good sequel out of anything. This movie could turn out to be totally ridiculous, or it could be exactly the sequel we’ve waited for.


And it looks like that dimorph wasn’t alone in its mission– there’s an entire flock of them descending on a terrified crowd, right in front of Big Ben. (I guess the filmmakers wanted to be really, really clear about the setting.) Honestly, I’m disappointed in this one. The pteranodon and dimorphodon attack scene in Jurassic World was scary and outstandingly done– the flock approaching the crowd and clouding the sky while a recorded voice calmly reported a “containment anomaly” still gives me chills. I don’t blame Trevorrow and the others at all for wanting to keep the spirit of the scene. But here, it looks like they’re just directly copying themselves.  It looks like exactly the same scene, just on a larger scale. If there’s one thing that I hope is changed between now and production time, it’s this scene. Having another aerial attack on a screaming crowd is nothing short of lazy.

Mr Bean

Now this is a really, really interesting one. There appears to be a T. rex– which looks like the bull rex from Lost World, but it could just have made a suitable stand-in image– eating the British movie star Rowan Atkinson. They didn’t shy away from showing gore, either, so another big change to the franchise could be that the movies are going to be much more graphic. One would think that Mr. Bean being munched on by a carnivore could be a scenario that would lend itself well to comedy if it were done right, but judging by all of that blood, I’m guessing that this isn’t a comic relief scene. Pulling this off is going to take some finesse, since Atkinson is inherently a hilarious actor and it would be very tough to get him not to do anything funny during his death scene. (Try to imagine him making that bulgy-eyed look of his while Rexy picks him up by the legs. See? You’re chuckling.) However it’s done, this looks like it’ll be a very interesting scene. I also like the reference to Eddie Carr’s death in TLW.

The final picture may be the most interesting of all:


What we have here is a Suchomimus strolling down the street in true British gentleman fashion. As intriguing as this is, the story behind it may be the most interesting part of all. How on earth did a dinosaur get its hands on a bowler hat and cane? Did it eat someone and just happen to enjoy what he was wearing? Is it dressed up as part of a publicity stunt by some company? Was it created with human DNA that’s just beginning to manifest? These are very, very interesting questions indeed. Out of all the scenes depicted, I’m looking forward to seeing this one the most.

That’s all I have to show you today; I hope that more concept art will be leaked soon. Feel free to speculate in the comments, I’m looking forward to discussing this awesome art with you. I should probably also point out– happy April Fool’s!


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      1. You’d think “Ron Anderson” would have better comedy skills than relying on maiming poor Dexter onstage.


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