JW2 is “Awesome” But Its Toys are Not

Remember this time last year, when Jurassic World was coming out in just two months and we had tons of news coming in every day, to the point where I was doing three posts in a single day just to keep up with it all? These are far different times. With at least a year to go before JW2 even begins filming, the fan community is utterly starved for news. Whenever anything remotely relating to the movie comes out, we pounce on it like rabid dogs.

Case in point: Bryce Dallas Howard recently said that the sequel is “awesome, from everything I’ve heard so far”.  I’m really glad that she likes the movie, especially since she’s such a big JP fan herself, and people are rightfully excited that a great movie seems to be on its way. A lot of people seem to be much more excited than I am– fans are buzzing about it on JPLegacy, writing headlines about it, and generally getting worked up over that one quote from somebody who isn’t even in on the movie’s production. I don’t see it as much of a big deal, but far be it from me to stop someone’s excitement about Jurassic Park. I’m glad everybody is so happy. (Something else to be happy about is that Chris Pratt won an award at the MTV Movie Awards last night for his performance in JW. Congratulations, Chris!)

Now that we’ve seen the tiny yet good news, it’s time to move on to something less fortunate. The first and most awaited  part of the JW Hybrids line has finally hit shelves, and it’s… not quite what we expected it to be. From Sickle_Claw on JPL, take a look:



I was under the impression that Owen would be packaged with the brown-and-green hybrid Growler raptor, but it turns out I was wrong– this thoroughly underwhelming and disappointing mini-Pratt rides with a Basher-Biter Blue. But no, this isn’t the same Basher Blue that you bought a few months ago when Wave 3 hit shelves– this is a special collector’s edition that comes with a weak black light effect and one less missile than the original! You can see why this is such a sought-after item. If there’s one thing that JP toy fans absolutely adore, it’s re-releases and repaints, especially when those re-releases come with even fewer special features than the first edition.

Sarcasm aside, I’m really disappointed in how this turned out. Packaging the figure with an already-released Blue might have been forgivable if Owen had looked as good as he did at the Toy Fair– he did have to come with at least one raptor, after all– but his paint job is sloppy and weak, and he looks just terrible up close. (Just look at those eyes; they look like they were done by a 12-year-old on a ceramic Paint Your Own Piggy Bank kit from Hobby Lobby.) I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised that Owen got the Hasbro treatment, but it is kind of a huge letdown, especially after the widely-praised Toy Fair display figure. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with going out and buying this set if you really like Owen or want to collect the Hybrids line, but you’ve been fairly warned. Blue looks just like she did in the last wave and the motorcycle looks acceptable, if that’s any consolation.

To end this on a happy note, at least the Hybrid toys don’t look as bad as the JW bootlegs on WalMart shelves now! I took pictures of some of them with my favorite Ian Malcolm figure; I’m going to Italy this May and taking the little guy with me, and I plan to share lots of pictures of him having Italian adventures, so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “JW2 is “Awesome” But Its Toys are Not

  1. I wonder if other franchise (like Star Wars (not a fan) have such weak toys? Not really into toys, but I feel like JP/W isn’t taken as seriously as the other franchises. 😦


  2. I found your site last year in the runup to the release of JW and checked it daily. Now, overcome with JW-withdrawal, I’m catching up after a while and it’s the perfect cure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, information and enthusiasm! You are the best!


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