First Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Footage

After this long of a wait for Fallen Kingdom news, I thought that Trevorrow and company really owed us. The trailer (still to come) or whatever else they dropped on us after months upon months of radio silence had better be worth the wait. “Cherish the silence, it’s about to get loud,” he said on Twitter. And it just did get loud. From the sound of me screaming.

In what may be a flashback scene, baby Blue (if it is baby Blue; we’ll discuss that in a moment) is cozying up to Owen, possibly for the first time. At first glance, my guess is that Owen has been imprinting on the Raptor Squad since they were born, but this is the first time Blue has ever seriously bonded with him on her own; considering her special bond with Owen in Jurassic World, she’s likely to be the first of the squad to do so. It’s hard to tell exactly how old she is, but she still looks like a fairly young hatchling. The background seems to indicate that they’re in a jungle, but it looks pretty flat to me, almost as if it’s the painted wall of a lab or nursery, which would make sense considering the raptor enclosure probably wasn’t completely constructed when the Squad was so little. Matheus Manacez made an interesting comparison about the background (look at the tree):



Some people on Twitter, Matheus included, believe that the background here being so close to the one in the visitor’s center means that the baby we’re seeing here is actually Blue’s child, who’s living in the ruins of the old Center; the lighting, which seems to be sunlight, would also make sense if this were true. This is further supported by comparing Owen’s outfit here to his outfit in set photos:


They look pretty similar, besides the glove on Owen’s arm. Plot-wise, Owen meeting Blue’s baby in the old Visitor’s Center would be a touching tribute to the original trilogy, especially if it comes shortly before the entire island goes kablooey. If Blue is dead– and I seriously hope she doesn’t die, but considering Bayona’s treatment of everything else from previous movies that we hold dear, it’s possible– it would also fit in with the theme of the destruction of the old and a creation of a new generation, as the team is doing with the series as a whole.

The part of this that surprised me the most was that Blue isn’t being timid at all, she’s chattering at Owen in raptor language and actively leaning in to be petted (and snorting happily when he scratches her chin. Guys, I’m trying really hard to be professional about this). If this is indeed a young Blue, she’s clearly already accepted Owen as her mother figure, so this might just be the first time she ever says “hey, you’re my mom and I want attention” to him, which probably feels like a huge breakthrough to him and just a developmental stage to her. If it’s Blue Junior we’re seeing, that behavior makes a bit less sense, considering that she’s never met a human before in her life. She’d probably only approach Owen if her mom encouraged her to, gently bumping her towards him with her snout (I’m really trying here). I guess a baby raised with raptors and not much else (I’m assuming that Blue would raise her in the safety of the Center, away from predators and large herbivores) wouldn’t exactly hate a human, but she probably wouldn’t make the first move towards one either, and I think that the baby’s willingness to get so close to Owen and seem so happy while doing so is probably the only thing that makes me doubt the Blue Jr. theory. Unless Owen is just using his Raptor Whisperer talents on her, in which case it would make a lot more sense.

So in other words, I think it’s most likely that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s first official footage is showing the hopefully-alive Blue’s baby meeting her… grandpa? Uncle? Godfather?… for the first time, and being surprisingly happy and trusting about it. Needless to say, not only is this an intriguing addition to what we know about the Fallen Kingdom story, it’s also the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. We can only hope that this sequence in the movie isn’t a repeat of the petting zoo scene in Jurassic World– i.e. it shows more than 6 seconds of baby dinosaurs, and we see part of it in the movie that we didn’t already see in the trailer– and that this adorable baby, whether it’s the original Blue or a sequel, makes it to the end of the movie unscathed by lava. Also, I would like to point out that the leather bit on Owen’s arm looked to me at first glance like a falconer’s glove, suggesting that Owen encourages baby dinosaurs to sit on his forearm like falcons. This is an important concept and I stress that it should be expressed in fan art as soon as possible.


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