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The viral marketing website for Fallen Kingdom, AKA the Dinosaur Protection Group’s site, has finally been updated with content! And, as we’ll look at first, so has the old Jurassic World website:


The site has been taken over by the DPG, obviously the doing of Claire; as we’ll see later, she seriously regrets the role she played in the Jurassic World incident. Instead of the old footage that used to play in the background on the main screen, now we mostly see static intercut with shots of the abandoned Isla Nublar and its dinosaurs– all of which, on their respective bio pages, have been marked “endangered”. The park cameras are all nothing but static. The “What’s Happening” widget is plastered over with messages like “We can save them!”, “We must protect them!” and “We can’t let them go extinct!” (Again.) A lot of the main site is still intact, but with a few of the DPG’s messages added. Here are some of my favorites:


Did they somehow convince Malcolm to talk on their behalf, or is this just a common phrase that was made popular by his book?


Every station on the park map is also updated to indicate that the attractions have been destroyed:


If the Cretaceous Cruise river is still flowing, the environment is presumably still habitable, which supports my idea that the Baryonyx we saw in both trailers is the one that lived in this attraction (if there was more than one).


Several people on Twitter have pointed this out. There are a multitude of ways that the mighty mosasaur could’ve escaped her habitat– Jurassic World employees could’ve come by and airlifted her into the ocean, or the DPG could’ve done the same. However, I refuse to believe anything except that she determinedly hopped across the island like a mud skipper until she made it to the ocean to spread her reign of terror throughout the whole Atlantic.


“Extreme caution advised” shows that the DPG knows they aren’t the only ones going to Isla Nublar. I have absolutely no doubt that poachers, urban explorers, and people who just want to raid the abandoned stores for stuff to sell on Ebay, are regularly visiting the island (the DPG website mentions “dozens of cases of illegal activity around Nublar”) regardless of the restrictions around it. The DPG site also mentions that severe restrictions have been placed around the island, but that didn’t stop anybody from getting into Isla Sorna, either.


All of the non-dinosaur attraction descriptions go out of their way to mention that the attractions are no longer operational. There must have been a lot of idiots thinking they could get the Jurassic World experience without paying admission.


This is something interesting in terms of the animal behavior-related questions that I’ve posed in earlier blog entries. It seems the pteranodons and dimorphodons haven’t taken over the skies of the entire island like I’d thought they would, and presumably they also haven’t flown away to nearby shores. The Bamboo Forest entry says that the herbivores tend to congregate in the southwest part of the island, so we know that two of the biggest groups of animals on the island have established decently-sized territories and are making a living for themselves in those parts. Since the Cretaceous Cruise river is still habitable, it can be assumed that the animals that originally lived there are probably still in that general area. So, unsuprisingly considering that these dinosaurs have never known anything besides living in small, enclosed spaces, the different groups of animals have found their own niches and are sticking to them, rather than living in a free-for-all throughout the whole island. Of course some of them wander away from those areas, like the apatosaur that we see walking around on Main Street, but the majority of herbivores have formed their own enclave to stay away from the carnivores. The predator-prey ratio is seriously out of whack anyway, so living in a separate area is probably the only reason there are still herbivores on the island at all. Yet again, I’m very interested to see more of Nublar’s changing ecosystem and how similar it is to Isla Sorna in the Lost World novel.

That’s all for the old Isla Nublar website, so let’s look at what the DPG has to offer!


The main focus on the site, besides getting you to sign up for their email newsletter, is about the movement spearheaded by Claire to protect Nublar’s dinosaurs from their impending extinction. If anyone had doubts before that Claire is the main protagonist of the new trilogy instead of Owen, this will definitely end them; the site is full of her pictures, quotes, and writings about humanity’s obligations to the dinosaurs of Jurassic World. The home page features these graphics, meant to be shared on Twitter:

No more happy baby dinosaur images for little ol’ me, I guess.



I think this one is more evidence that Ian Malcolm is speaking at that hearing on behalf of the DPG; there’s no direct mention of him on the site yet, so he’s probably just an associate of theirs, not actually a part of the group. Forgiving Claire for what she did in Jurassic World for so many years, and campaigning for dinosaurs’ rights despite everything he’s gone through because of them, is the kind of thing that shows what a good person Ian really is. If his scene in the movie doesn’t show much character development on his part, the material surrounding the movie certainly will.

I’m pretty sure she’s just pissed, but thanks for the concern.


This last one is the most interesting, showing several species of dinosaur that have never been mentioned in canon before, such as Lesothosaurus and Segisaurus. They’re extinct, so we won’t be seeing them in the actual film, but this is the first hint we’ve gotten that they were even on Nublar. There were undoubtedly all kinds of new species being resurrected in the Creation Lab, and the “Reports” page mentions that “the animals were unceremoniously shipped among islands”, so some of these were probably species that lived and died on Sorna. If so, someone is monitoring the dinosaurs’ condition on Sorna as well, although there’s no pressing threat like a volcano to spur action as serious as that around Nublar.

Speaking of the volcano, the website has a live feed monitoring the threat level of Mount Sibo, the volcano on Nublar–


— as well as an article by Justice Smith’s character, Franklin Webb, about how large quantities of magma are under the surface of the volcano, and if it were to erupt (gee, I wonder if it will?) it would result in the extinction of all life on the island. Franklin tells us that the Masrani Corp. has decided not to do anything about this because it wouldn’t affect the Costa Rican mainland. The Masrani website remains untouched, but maybe later we’ll receive more information about why the company would just abandon all of its dinosaur assets.

Zia Rodriguez’ Report page is mostly a rehash of the history of InGen’s use of cloning technology, and doesn’t afford much new information, besides confirmation that there are a lot of people illegally trying to get onto Nublar, and that there are “rogue groups claiming to have access to the cloning technology”; this is presumably in reference to the movie’s villain and Henry Wu, who created the Indoraptor. The Blog page is a touching entry by Claire, who realized soon after the Jurassic World incident that she had played a huge part in animal rights violations against the dinosaurs and has vowed to right all the wrongs she’s committed. Probably my favorite part of the site so far is the quotes from her, both from the Blog page:

The Dinosaur Protection Group is the result of finally owning up to the fact that, for decades, these rarest of animals have been grossly exploited; our mission is to stop the abuse by doing anything and everything possible to protect the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar – or wherever they may roam. I’m proud to be spearheading this cause to help steer our species in the right direction, working towards creating a safe future alongside the dinosaurs. A future fueled by a love of knowledge, not profit. A love of life, not gain […] No matter what comes, I’m not going anywhere. Never again.

And from Our Cause:

“The fallout after a disaster like the one at the park always brings about public outrage, political agendas, and way too many conspiracies to count. Laws are broken, morals are tested, people are lied to and mistakes have to be lived with. But what can we do? Speaking as someone who has decided to devote her life to this cause, I believe we humans must realize that, no matter our shortcomings, we should not further abuse the animals we gave life to. We owe them at least that.”

The updates to both of these websites have provided us with a lot of new information about the DPG (which consists, apparently, of 30 volunteers) and about what’s become of the ruins of Jurassic World. Make sure to sign up for the DPG’s mailing list and show your support for the dinosaurs all over social media!


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