Fallen Kingdom Trailer #2

Here it is!

As most of us had hoped after the general public’s reaction to the first trailer (which led to a widespread belief that the whole movie would take place on Isla Nublar, and Rexy killing the carnotaur would be the end of the movie) this shows us much more of the second half, which will take place on the mainland, and seemingly mostly indoors. It prominently features the Indoraptor, which appears to be a slightly smaller and darker-skinned version of the Indominus Rex; I personally believe that this was a bad decision and that there were plenty of other routes that the story could’ve taken besides just redoing the gimmick of Jurassic World on a smaller scale, but I’m here to analyze the trailer, not lecture Colin Trevorrow. Most of the footage that takes place in the first half of the movie, besides this shot–

Note how similar this helicopter looks to the ones used by Roland’s team in The Lost World. Does the Dinosaur Protection Group use old InGen equipment? It would certainly save them money.

–we’ve already seen, so I’m going to focus mostly on the rest, which takes place on the mainland. And oh boy, there’s a lot to focus on. As an aside, the Dinosaur Protection Group website has had a lot added to it, and I plan to write about that tomorrow, so definitely check it out in the meantime. The site confirms that Daniella Pineda’s character Zia Rodriguez isn’t part of the military, like I’d previously thought; she’s actually a dinosaur veterinarian, which certainly comes in handy when Blue gets wounded and needs to be treated in a tent on the island, as we saw in the behind-the-scenes reel and see again here.


I don’t think Blue dies in this scene, but as sad as this makes me, I think she will end up dying in this movie. Her bond with Owen is a strong ongoing theme in Fallen Kingdom; first we see the roots of their relationship, with Owen meeting her for the first time as a baby. Then he goes back to the island and tries to reason with her to come back with him, but she snaps at him, showing that their time apart has seriously decreased her respect for him and weakened their bond. She gets hurt somehow, and we see Owen comforting her as he helps heal her injuries, which strengthens their relationship again and restores her trust. Finally, when the Indoraptor has Owen cornered, she takes a dive at it for him:


Looking at the story arc this way, I think the only logical conclusion is that Blue will die trying to save her alpha, or at least she’ll get seriously injured in the process. Even without the story behind it, Indoraptor could pretty easily whoop her ass (it’s smaller than Indominus, so Blue can’t just clutch onto its back out of its reach, like she did in the last fight). Also, Trevorrow hasn’t been afraid to spoil deaths in trailers before, evidenced by how he showed Masrani going down in flames in the Jurassic World trailers. So, unfortunately, my opinion is that Blue is toast.

The rest of the trailer, although it shows no less of an action movie than the first Nublar-centric one did, is an effort to show J.A. Bayona’s directing chops and how the second half of the movie will be more of a suspense thriller. This new director is obviously working very hard to toe the line between doing new things with the series (a lot of the action takes place inside one or more buildings, which is something that we’ve seen only briefly in previous movies) and paying homage to the original trilogy, especially The Lost World. And that brings us to this round of Spot The Reference!


Their toes even tap in the same pattern, which I assume is Morse code for “hello, lunch meat”.





I couldn’t find a picture of Sarah Harding at the end of TLW, but you remember. They’re really going in on having Claire mirror the female protagonists of the corresponding movies in the original trilogy.



That last scene with Rexy seems to be separate from the Indoraptor scenes, since she’s shown to be very unhappy about being in that truck once she’s taken off the island:

There’s life in the old lady yet!

If my guess is correct, this scene takes place once the DPG has returned from their expedition and comes before the events involving Indoraptor. Rexy breaks out and expresses her dissatisfaction with the helicopter there (there’s a distinct possibility that this is a scene that takes place in the very beginning, and she’s roaring at Henry Wu’s helicopter), and a bunch of the other ungrateful rescued dinos do too:



Whether that scene with the second dinosaur stampede (another source of my reservations about some of the plot choices being made in this; wasn’t the first one cool enough?) takes place in Lockwood’s mansion or the warehouse where they bring the rescued dinos, it definitely takes place close to this:

Definitely the most brutal tackle of the Super Bowl.

And since Maisie is with Claire and Owen in that scene, it probably takes place in or near the Lockwood mansion. Therefore, the DPG most likely brings their pissed dinosaurs to a storage facility around Lockwood’s place (Lockwood is probably sponsoring them in an effort to make up for his role in Jurassic Park’s creation, which would explain how they got so much money) and there’s a completely separate scene involving Rexy that takes place before the main Indoraptor action. It’ll probably be easier to construct a timeline of the movie’s events once the hype from this wears off.

This trailer sheds some light on Indoraptor’s origins; Maisie explains that “they made it” to sell to the highest bidder, undoubtedly for some shady purpose. My guess is that it’s for sale to different countries’ militaries, since owning it would guarantee that the winning country would possess the most cutting-edge type of weapon on the planet, along with the means to clone it and create an army of shark-jumper dinosaurs. (I say would because we all know that this thing isn’t staying in a cage for long.)

“Look upon me! I am the designated soulless corporate money-grubbing villain!”

The Indoraptor is the basis for some issues that I have about Fallen Kingdom. I think J.A. Bayona is too worried about the new dark-thriller direction that he’s taking the movies in, and he’s trying to make up for it by being too referential to the previous films. After the big leap that Jurassic World took with having a new genetically-engineered dino that’s bigger and badder and scarier than any of the others, I think that doing the same thing again with basically the same dinosaur isn’t nearly as exciting anymore. It’s also incredibly referential to The Lost World, not only in the cinematography but in having: a reluctant main protagonist go to the dinosaur island at the behest of an earnest woman, an ending where the T. rex rampages on the mainland, a stuck-up corporate villain who only cares about the dinosaurs for the money he can make from them (who is presumably related to the previous owner of InGen, and who will surely get a poetic death at the claws of those same dinosaurs), etc.

The reuse of the hybrid-dinosaur plot point might even be seen as an echo of Jurassic World‘s message– what does it say about us if we’re not even impressed by a big, scary monster dinosaur anymore? The villain’s quote, “Jurassic World, the island… all of that is in the past” also reminds me of the previous movie’s theme that past mistakes shouldn’t be forgotten (which in Jurassic World‘s case consisted of references to the original park). Of course, it’s impossible to know all about the movie from two trailers and I’m sure the team has thought of these same objections long ago, but from what I’ve seen, I’m concerned that Fallen Kingdom will reuse too many things from previous movies, and that will keep it from being the standout that it could.

Finally, I also had qualms with this:


People have had close encounters with dinosaurs in these movies before– see the T. rex tent scene from TLW, which I think this references– but this struck me the wrong way. Something about the way it’s grasping at her and the slight glow created around it by the moonlight made me think at first that this was a dream sequence. The way that Indoraptor is grabbing at her with its front arms just looks un-dinosaurlike in a way I can’t fully articulate. Sick Triceratops on Twitter says that this is meant to be a Nosferatu reference, which certainly makes sense in the context of it being a horror movie, but it wasn’t a high point for me.

So overall I like the way that Fallen Kingdom looks, but I’m afraid that it’s reusing too many plot points and ideas from previous movies, especially JW and TLW. This trailer gave me doubts in ways that the first one didn’t. I had doubts about Jurassic World after the trailers too, though, and I ended up being satisfied with the final product; hopefully this will happen here as well. What did you think about the newest look at the next Jurassic Park movie? Let me know on Twitter and in the comments!

Update: They promised us a surprise and they delivered!

I refuse to take this as anything but canon. I refuse to believe that Ian Malcolm doesn’t go do weird things like sit in Jeeps in dealerships and pretend to chase T. rexes sometimes, as the employees watch with no idea what to do and know that they don’t want to be the ones to stop him. Old Ian doing the weird stuff he’s always wanted to do, knowing that nobody can say a word to him about it because of who he is, is what I absolutely live for. This is the kind of thing he does with his fame. I love him so much.


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