Jurassic World at the Toy Fair

My doubts about Mattel’s ability to make good Jurassic Park toys have been completely and utterly decimated. Their offerings at the New York Toy Fair are nothing short of fantastic– and there are a lot of offerings, because all the companies with the JW license really went in for the kill. Let’s start with some glamour shots.





These are the basic dinosaurs that’ll probably cost about $10, so not all of them are winners, especially the metriacanthosaur and the triceratops. But there are some real beauties in this lineup, like the carnotaur and pachyrhinosaur. I just can’t find it in me to complain about them, though, because the lowest amount of quality out of any of the toys here is basically the upper limit for quality that we got out of any of the Hasbro toys besides the super-expensive ones. In fact, the real stunners from this $10 range far surpass the kind of toy that Hasbro sold for $20 and more, so even the bare minimum is an improvement on the last toy line.



The human figures (hell, even the fact that we’re getting human figures at all) are also a major step up. They’re not Kenner, but they’re pretty good for the size and price range, even better if I’m seeing the 7 points of articulation that I think I’m seeing. Packaging them with baby dinosaurs and accessories just like the old Kenner figures is also pretty sweet. In fact, there’s a whole lineup of baby dinosaurs, which I assume will be sold in blindbags:



Naturally I’m thrilled with this, but the blindbag babies aren’t what really made me foam at the mouth. That would be the hatchlings:


The Lost World hatchlings that came in eggs are probably my favorite Jurassic Park toy ever, so I’m beyond excited for these guys. They’re more cartoonish than their predecessors and they don’t have quite the level of detail, but they’re already in my heart regardless. I’m critical of how many times this new movie will make callbacks to The Lost World, but the toy line can do that as many times as it wants.





The larger toys aren’t jaw-droppingly outstanding, but the way I see it, they’ve taken the basic design of the Hasbro toys and fixed everything that Hasbro did wrong. Mosasaur looks a lot less cartoony, and Rexy has some nice skin coloration and texture along with some neat articulation. I’m sad to see a lack of Real-Feel skin, but that’s the only major complaint I can bring up. These are just the solid, respectable Jurassic World toys that we deserve. Also, note that in all the toys so far, there is a noticeable lack of gaping Dino Damage wounds! Let us give thanks.

For those of you who want to raise your kids to be Jurassic Park fans who only like good-quality dinosaur toy brands, as I’m currently working on with my boyfriend’s nephew, there are Duplo sets featuring Friendly Mr. Grady and his Gang of Raptor Pals:

“Hi kids! Did you know that velociraptors would often seek out juvenile herbivores that had been isolated from their herds as prey? That’s why you gotta stick close to Mommy when you’re at the store!”
“Hi kids! Did you know that Deinonychus didn’t kill with its sickle claw, but used it to pin down its prey while it tore it apart alive with its 60 razor-sharp teeth? Wow!”
“Hi kids! Did you know that genetically engineering animals to use as weapons is morally bankrupt and cruel, but humans think we’re the center of the universe and our petty need to get ahead is more important than any semblance of ethics?”

There’s also two of what appear to be robotic dinosaur kits, or plans for Zoomer toys similar to the Indominus one:



And an Uno game for some reason:


And, uh… this:

I dare you to try to imagine a more ironic toy to tie in with a movie about animal rights.

Those, as generously shared by Entertainment Weekly, are the only glamour shots we’ve gotten so far. On to photos from the actual fair!



I was really looking forward to these Barbie dolls, and I have to say I’m disappointed by how cheap they look. There’s no detail in the fabric of their clothes, and while Claire’s face doesn’t look like her but is still Barbie-like, Owen just looks ridiculous. I’ll probably still buy Claire, but these are definitely the biggest letdown for me. And speaking of looking ridiculous, Funko Pops!





We already got confirmation of Mosasaur being in the movie a few months ago, but the fact that there are multiple toys of her gives me hope that her role will be at least as big as it was in the last movie. The Indoraptor toy looks like a lot like the allosaur toy we saw earlier, or maybe even Hasbro’s Alpha Raptor, with a repaint and a slight jaw modification. Considering that Indoraptor itself is just a repaint of a different dinosaur, I find that sadly appropriate.

Finally, Bryce Dallas Howard herself gave us a glimpse at the new Playskool toys, including a truly enormous T. rex, Indoraptor, and another Mosasaur (my shrine is about to get pretty crowded):

Luckily we didn’t just get to see toys, because these companies really went in for the kill. We got fashion!

We got high fashion!

We got dog fashion!

We got snacks!

We got pillows!

We got masks and claws!


And we got our first look at the Claire prequel novel, as shown by Claire herself!

This is an exciting Toy Fair for sure, so ready your wallets!


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