Lost InGen Document and a Lost World Theory

In a report on the Dinosaur Protection Group site (which you should be following by email if you aren’t already), Zia Rodriguez released a document from 1994 dealing with the different dinosaur species on Isla Sorna. The document has some interesting animal behavior insights and reveals where the new species that we’ll see in Fallen Kingdom came from!



It turns out there were way more animals on Nublar than we saw in the first movie, especially dilophosaurs (the juvenile that killed Nedry must’ve had some very proud parents). Meanwhile, Rexy had herself a blast without human supervision, killing 22 herbivores (give or take a few) within a year. This was probably so she could get her fill of lysine just like the carnivores on Sorna did. The document notes that she did a lot of scavenging as well, so points for scientific accuracy, I guess. The remaining herbivores seem to have stayed within their paddocks except for the parasaurs, who stuck with the apparently un-killable brachiosaurs.


The first thing I thought when I saw the notes under Compsognathus was that the “sneaking between islands by hiding on boats” thing is the production team’s attempt to rationalize the ending of The Lost World, giving credibility to the theory that velociraptors snuck aboard the SS Venture and killed its crew; if the compies could do that undetected, so could the raptors. It seems to me like there are too many Lost World tie-ins with this movie, in the trailers’ cinematography and the movies’ content, for this to be a coincidence. I think this is a subtle way of foreshadowing the numerous Lost World references that Fallen Kingdom will make, and possibly that it’ll tie up some other loose ends from TLW. In any case, the fact that so many compies showed up on Nublar was probably essential to its continuance as a functioning ecosystem, and if they hadn’t shown up, the place would’ve been in a lot worse shape and more dinosaurs probably would’ve been dead. Every environment needs somebody to clean up in order to keep it functioning, and not everyone wants to eat dinosaur poop.




The document ends with a neat little retcon, showing that InGen– shortly after it was purchased by Masrani Global, so we know Hammond at least stayed true to his word– was experimenting with creating Fallen Kingdom’s new species the whole time! As Zia’s report states, Spinosaurus was among these experimental species, which explains its previously mysterious origins. The article itself is some nice Jurassic lore, explaining a law that was passed shortly after the San Diego Incident called the Gene Guard Act, which was promptly loosened by Masrani representatives so they could mess around with dino DNA some more. Be sure to check out the full report here.


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