Breaking News: I Still Love Jurassic Park

Aside from following all the new Fallen Kingdom news that we’ve been graced with, I’ve been up to a lot of Jurassic Park-related stuff lately. First, I made a video for the Jurassic Park 25 contest, talking about all the ways JP has changed my life for the better. I seriously doubt I’ll win anything, but I tried my best. Here’s my entry:

Second, I got the best Valentine’s Day present ever from the best boyfriend ever: 6 animation cels that were used in the Mr. DNA sequence in the first movie! (They came from a display at Universal Studios, so at least it’s more than likely that they were.) My pictures don’t do them justice, and I need to find a good place to display them:






I like to think that a part of Mr. DNA’s soul is now inside a picture frame with me for eternity.

Finally, I got to go to a fossil fair yesterday! It was at the Schiele Museum of Natural History in Charlotte, North Carolina. There was a room full of fossil vendors, from which I bought a small piece of T. rex bone:


There was also a traveling exhibit full of highly inaccurate dinosaurs. I was accompanied to this by my Demon Carnotaur, who I have recently discovered talks like a bad movie villain.

“Ahhh yes, the long-necked one, and a small one too. Tender meat. Delicious.”
“It looks… confused. This will make it all the sweeter. Show me more of your fear, child.”
“It is the large one with the small brain. Delightful! But how I detest the plates catching between my teeth.”
“The size of this one confuses me, but I will vanquish it nonetheless. Its horns will bow to me.”
“Curses! This one has no meat on its bones! This sleight will be avenged tenfold!”

The exhibit also featured such horrors as a quadrupedal spinosaur that was nowhere near water:


The most emaciated monolophosaur I’ve ever seen:


And a raptor that for some reason, looks very familiar:


The rest of the museum had some cool stuff too. As you can see, I dressed appropriately:





All in all, it was a really fun day, and you should drop by the Schiele Museum if you’re ever in the Charlotte area!


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