Rexy Eats Costa Rica

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for JP fans, and I’ve been away/busy for both of them. The rundown, in no particular order of importance, is: Dr. Pepper, McDonald’s and Skittles are all having JW promotions; we’ve gotten a glimpse at the Classic JP toy line from Mattel; Saturday Night Live did a hilarious JP sketch; Lego showed off more JP sets, including one from the first movie; Jeff Goldblum will narrate the new Jurassic World Evolution game; and a Pokemon Go-style game called Jurassic World Alive has been released basically everywhere but the USA (I’ll write about my experience with it once they finally see fit to give it to me). I’ve been too swamped with midterms to write about those at length, so there you go. I took an exciting spring break trip and I’ve been looking forward to sharing these pictures with you. 

Life’s been rough on our favorite dinosaur Rexy lately. Just 3 years of being left alone on her home island, and now she’s being shoved into trucks, having Nublar covered in lava, and God knows what else. The old lady needed a break, and she needed to find a place to live on the mainland of Costa Rica since her old home wasn’t an option anymore. I figured the least I could do was to take her on a trip with me to two of the prettiest parts of the country closest to Nublar.

The first place we stayed at was Arenal National Park, right across from an active volcano, which was visibly steaming during all the days we were there.


Rexy was understandably not pleased with this, but she did take a moment to do her signature “beat it, losers, my island now” roar.




We scoped out the jungle for a while, and while she was satisfied with the Jurassic-looking landscape–



— there was a shortage of “extra fat snacks”, as she likes to call herbivores. There was no small amount of wildlife there, but since that wildlife consisted mostly of cute fuzzy things that were willing to eat fruit out of my hand–



–I couldn’t in good conscience let her prey on them.


Her favorite part of the jungle was this mini-spa of a cool jungle river. It was located at the bottom of the absolute steepest trail on earth, so most of the time she would be supplied with exhausted tourists suitable for lunch.


We went for a horseback ride, the experience of which was a bit tainted by her constant salivating and insistence on calling the horses “fast food” whenever they started running. Grumpy that I wouldn’t let her eat any of the animals we’d met so far, she let me take her somewhere different: Manuel Antonio, the site of the best beach I’ve ever been to.



This was actually one of two beaches that we visited. This one was in the middle of Manuel Antonio National Park, and to Rexy’s delight, it featured a large population of local animals. Sloths:








And monkeys. Lots and lots and lots of white-faced monkeys.




Rexy, surprisingly, showed little interest in eating the latter. Maybe it was because she bonded with them over eating things that they weren’t supposed to. When she wasn’t posing for photos, she was helping them steal sandwiches and peanut butter that visitors weren’t supposed to have brought in.

The second beach we went to, though much less calm, was just as picturesque. Shh– I told her I would post all these on Jurasstagram and not just my blog.





After we finished swimming and she stopped laughing at me for having weak non-scaly skin that required sunscreen, we went for another horseback ride, this time to a waterfall.



The last part of the trip, and Rexy’s favorite, was the ride we took on a catamaran called Ocean King. While I went snorkeling, she took the time to really treat herself, catching some rays:





And working up an appetite by watching the sea life:


The best view of the trip was watching the scenery of the ocean and the coast as the sun set. 20180307_182136



She noticed that there was a huge amount of small to mid-sized islands right there off the beautiful coast.



Rexy decided then that, given the choice, she’d like to stay here once Isla Nublar is gone. It’s sad to say that Fallen Kingdom is the last time we’ll ever see Nublar, but there’s no end to the possibilities for Rexy’s life and the Jurassic Park movies. As the queen got to see for herself, there’s more than one island off the coast of Costa Rica.


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