More Returning Cast in Fallen Kingdom

Everyone, rightfully, is super excited for Jeff Goldblum to reprise his role as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Jeff himself has even dropped some hints that Ellie Sattler might get involved too. Laura Dern hasn’t been confirmed to be returning yet, but a lot of other actors from past JP movies have followed Goldblum’s lead and signed on to the Jurassic World sequel!


Pete Postlethwaite, who we all remember as Roland Tembo from The Lost World, was the first to sign on to the sequel! In a recent interview, he said of his return, “I’m honored to be playing Roland again, and I feel the role is a lot more relevant now that they’re tracking down dinosaurs on an island again […] I suppose I decided I hadn’t actually spent enough time in the company of death.” Roland will certainly be a lot older than the last time we saw him, but his hunter’s senses will surely be as sharp as ever!


Rounding out the cast to include actors from all three movies in the original trilogy, Tea Leoni recently announced that she’ll be returning for a brief cameo as Amanda Kirby! “I can’t spoil the surprise of how and when I’ll appear,” she said, “but when I was offered the opportunity to be in the next Jurassic Park, I knew I had an obligation to the fan community that supports me so much. I know that Amanda has been somewhat of a favorite among Jurassic fans, and I’m thrilled for the chance to bring them some joy again.” As a survivor of the harrowing Isla Sorna Incident, it definitely makes sense that Mrs. Kirby would want to be involved in any legal action involving dinosaurs. Maybe she’ll testify alongside Malcolm?


In addition to main characters from the original trilogy, we’ll also be seeing the return of Matty Cardarople as the Gyrosphere operator. “You’re getting to see the real fallout of what happened after Jurassic World. I lost my job,” Matty remarked in an interview. “I’m working at a pizza place now. You get to see how this disaster hurt the little people.” That honestly wasn’t my biggest concern while I was watching the fight on Nublar go down in the last movie, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to add an extra touch of humanity to the movie.


This news is considerably more vague, but Universal has dropped hints that all four of the Japanese men from the San Diego scene in The Lost World will return for a brief part of Fallen Kingdom.


If I had to guess, I would say that these four are probably there to take a shot at buying the Indoraptor. Geez, these guys never learn their lesson, do they? I thought they left Japan to get away from this?


We also have confirmation that another minor yet popular character from the original movies, Udesky, will be joining the JWFK cast! It remains a mystery how he survived having his neck snapped by a raptor, but actor Michael Jeter dropped a hint for us. “Well, if he’s dead, he’s not getting paid anymore,” Jeter laughed. “The money was a pretty good motivator to get out of there.” I’m honestly a lot more interested in how he made it off Isla Sorna than I am in what he’ll do on Nublar or the mainland. If he works for the DPG, they’re certainly lucky to have such a good hunter on their side.


Another JP3 star, Taylor Nichols as Mark Degler, has also been confirmed to be a part of the cast! Since he’s Ellie’s husband, you’d think this would mean that Ellie will also be appearing in the film for sure, but Nichols says he can’t confirm or deny that. “I’d hate to ruin the surprise by telling everyone what I’m doing here and whether it’s with Ellie,” he confessed recently. “But I can most certainly tell you this: I’m here to do exactly what I’ve done as long as I’ve been in these movies. I’m here to just ruin everything.”


This one is most certainly intriguing: a character will be returning who never had an actor to play him in the first place. John Hammond’s chef and the personal cook of the Jurassic Park resort, Alejandro, has been confirmed to appear in Fallen Kingdom:


No details on the character’s role or the actor who will play him are forthcoming. When they are, I’ll be sure to report on this bold and interesting casting choice.


In another interesting move, the puppet guy whose hand can be seen steadying a raptor in the first JP has confirmed his appearance in the next movie as well! “I just feel like, since the beginning of the franchise, my job has been with these dinosaurs, making sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to to,” explained puppeteer John Rosengrant. “By stabilizing the raptors just like I did back then, we’re calling back to the roots of the story and we’re making sure the animatronics stay in place at the same time.” Hooray for more of Mr. Rosengrant!

Finally, one more important character from previous Jurassic movies will be making a reappearance. It’s everyone’s favorite creature from the first Jurassic World– the one and only shark:


“With this whole new Indoraptor thing, the producers called me in,” said the shark, “so the new movie could jump me.”

If I got you even just at first, you’ve been April Fooled! Have a happy Easter!


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