Trailer #3 Teaser

Today on Twitter, Jurassic World dropped a 15-second teaser for the third trailer!

We’ve gotten a full-body look at the Indoraptor as well as an extended idea of what the scene on the rooftop of the Lockwood mansion will look like– the one where Maisie ends up hanging off the edge of the roof.

As Claire trains her gun on it Sarah Harding-style, it turns to the camera and gives a gargly roar. This could just be an attempt to make its roar more distinctive, but it could possibly also be an indication that the animal is such a shambling genetic mutant that it struggles to even roar properly. I’ve honestly never thought about this perspective before, but it would be very interesting if it ends up that the Indoraptor is in pain just being alive because of all its genetic tampering, and the main characters find out that it’s only lashing out because it’s suffering and doesn’t know any better than to follow its basic killing instincts (sort of like the Indominus, which was raised in captivity with no human contact) thus inspiring them and more people to have compassion for the remaining dinosaurs and stop trying to use them for commercial purposes. Material from the JWFK game explicitly states that the Indoraptor is “always hungry and hunting for prey” which could supplement the idea that it has something wrong with it– no animal is ALWAYS hunting for prey unless it’s really pissed about something.

Obviously corporations won’t just stop their dino-cloning just like that, but the Indoraptor’s story could be used to turn the general public’s opinion toward the idea of not creating new and terrifying dinosaurs to be used for business and in the military. (It could also be a reason for Owen to become a dinosaur advocate and join the DPG at the end of the movie, since he’s seen the pain of dinosaurs firsthand and because of the whole Blue story arc.) JP movies have ended on a note of sympathy for the dinosaurs before (The Lost World emphasized that the rex only went on its rampage because it’d been drugged and separated from its baby) so it wouldn’t be too much of a reach for this new movie to go in that direction more explicitly, especially since it’s coming from a director who wants to introduce new concepts to the franchise.

Anyway, enough about the touchy-feely stuff. MOSASAUR! HELL YEAH!

I knew we would get to see her in the movie, but I had no idea it would be this glorious. It definitely makes sense that she’d be able to swim all the way out to the coast of Costa Rica, especially if she ended up breaking out of her enclosure after all. Speaking of which:

Search me as to why the DPG team would bother going down to find Indy’s remains while there are a ton of living dinosaurs to rescue, but they will, and they’ll meet the queen of the deep once again. And she looks as gorgeous as ever:

As the youths say, I am shook. The full trailer is set to release this Wednesday, so tune in then!


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