Fallen Kingdom First Reactions (No Spoilers)

Fallen Kingdom came out just a few hours ago in the United Kingdom, so lucky JP fans there have gotten to experience the movie a full two weeks ahead of the rest of us. Here are some of the spoiler-free immediate reactions to the film.

Critic reactions seem to vastly differ from JP fan reactions, which frankly doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s currently at 58% on Rotten Tomatoes, with some of the top reviews asking totally original questions like Robbie Collin’s “Exactly why would anyone visit a dinosaur-infested island for a fifth time, when all four previous excursions had ended in limb-gobbling pandemonium?” Truly we know we can value the insightful opinion of someone so well-educated in JP matters and who obviously paid such attention to the plot of the movie. Some reviews also give tantalizing hints, like Johnny Oleksinski’s “In making even the most vicious creatures more than just hungry, hungry dinos, the aging franchise has rediscovered its inner child” which I believe supports my Indoraptor-as-sympathetic-character theory. Metacritic is even less kind, giving the movie a 54%. A lot of the reviews on that site are the same as the ones posted on Rotten Tomatoes, so there’s not much to say about it, but one part of one review jumped out at me” Erik Kohn saying that “Wheatley refers to one of our heroes as a “nasty woman””. Oh… oh dear.

However, JP fans have generally never let bad reviews of the sequels ruin our enjoyment, and we’ve even started calling publications out on their BS when they trash the series for weak reasons, most notably in the case of Screenrant’s notorious JP articles. (Apparently they’re eating their words, though, because their site gives the movie a 4 out of 5.) So let’s see what our fellow fans have to say!

So, as you can see, fan reactions range from mostly positive to overwhelmingly positive. It seems like this one was made for fans first and foremost, or at least it happens to have a lot in it that most people think is cheesy but JP fans will love. After all the rave reviews, I’m very excited to see it for myself! Oh, and for those in the UK, we kindly request that you not share any spoilers.


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