Jurassic World in Japan

Last week, I was lucky enough to take a trip to Tokyo with my boyfriend just as Fallen Kingdom was about to premiere there! Promotional material for the movie was everywhere, including posters:



Gashapon (basically gumball machine) keychains:


Toys in UFO catcher machines:



A convenience store lottery where you had a shot at winning a huge Blue statue:


And, my favorite of all, a Jurassic-themed cafe in Ikebukuro! I went there on my first full day in the city. The first thing I saw when I arrived on that floor of the building was this huge photo op.

“Road show” just means “movie release date”. Unfortunately there was no dinosaur musical revue.

As soon as I walked into the cafe, I was greeted by this amazing life-size Blue statue!

The reason so many of these pictures are so blurry is because I was so excited that I was physically incapable of holding still.




Especially because of Blue, the decorations of the place weren’t all mind-blowing, but they were pretty thorough and the theming was well-done. There were DPG posters around the gift shop and the entrance to the sit-down area, and the restaurant itself was themed to look like a jungle, with pterodactyls and foliage hanging from the ceiling. Music from the new trilogy played, and TV screens showed menu items and clips from the trailers.






They also used a few of the Mattel toys as decorations, which was probably a lot cooler to the Japanese people there than it was to me. American toys are about as uncommon in Japan as anime figures are here in America.




We sat down and were given menu full of Jurassic-themed food. You could get a burger, curry, or some other kind of meat dish.




For dessert, you could have a cake where you brushed away “dirt” (Oreo crumbs) to reveal some kind of dinosaur skeleton cake, a chocolate cake that looked like a volcano, a parfait, or a cake that looked like a dinosaur egg. You could also get a peach cake that was shaped like a dinosaur head.



Their drink menu included latte art of the pastel dinosaur designs that the cafe used for some of its merchandise, but from the first moment I knew this cafe existed, I knew that it was my destiny to drink the mosasaur juice.


People joke about me saying that I want the mosasaur to eat me because I love her so much. Well, joke’s on you, because I ended up drinking her.

For our main course, my boyfriend decided to get the lava-charred burger, complete with dinosaur claw marks. He describes it as “pretty lean with a lot of toppings […] a pretty standard Japanese burger aside from the presentation” and patiently allowed me to take pictures of it before eating.

At least I don’t Instagram my food, right, honey?

As contrary to my usual self as it was, I decided to eat the egg with the baby dinosaur in it.


The little Rexy that I brought with me looked on in horror as I committed the heinous crime of eating the child.


As it turned out, the egg was made of very rich peach cake with peach jam in the very center, and the little dinosaur eye and claw were made of thin chocolate. There was some kind of fluffy chocolate icing around the edge of it, and it was surrounded by some kind of flaky cereal. They gave me a little vial of peach sauce to drizzle over it. The kids sitting next to us had the parfait and the cake that you could dig up, and I would’ve liked to try those too, but I’m glad I got what I did.

Then, of course, it was time to go to the gift shop! The cafe had a few pieces of merchandise that probably weren’t being sold anywhere else. Primarily among these were the pastel dinosaur keychains that were available in the gacha machines.



There were also some cool papercraft scenes from the movies available, as well as other mechandise.






Some Japanese baseball teams had crossover T-shirts for sale.

My favorite part was this toy display, showing off a playset and some mini figures made by Takara Tomy.


So, mentioning that, here’s my JP haul from the trip! I’m sure most if not all of this is exclusive to Japan. I know the toys, coaster, and keychains are for sure.

Finally, a couple of days after I went here, Colin Trevorrow tweeted about the pop-up cafes and the cool food they serve.

I replied to him with some of what I’d seen.

Then, amazingly, he replied to me!

So I finally got the director of Jurassic World to reply to me directly.

And he said to me: “the burger.”


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