Jurassic World Clip & Lego Trailer 3

Hi everyone, I’m back! I was at MomoCon for the past couple of days (and pictures are coming), so if you got this blog address because I gave it to you there, PLEASE KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD. In the meantime, a couple of new videos came out. The first is a short clip from the control room scene (pardon the annoying news stuff at the bottom):


This seems to take place right after the I. rex has escaped. Claire and Masrani are in the control room, but nobody seems to be panicking too much. They still think the ACUs will take care of everything and that they still have a chance of getting off the island with their lives. How adorable.

Claire says the I. rex’s tracking implant will shock it if it gets too close to a perimeter fence. I’m just speculating and nitpicking here, but if I. rex got past a perimeter fence before she clawed out her implant– since Lee found the implant in the jungle– then it could be possible that I. rex didn’t remember where her implant was from her childhood, but rather received a shock when she walked into the Restricted Area. She could’ve gotten a shock from a specific area on her arm and went, “Oh yeah, I have something stuck in there, better get that out.” It might not make a long-term difference whether that’s what actually happened, but it could help determine exactly how hyperintelligent I. rex is.


Next we get an insight into the daily trials of Lauren Lapkus’ character, Vivian. Oh, this poor woman. Even without watching the clip, the look on her face in that picture is just such a perfect representation of someone who’s beginning to get used to being hassled by her higher-ups. That’s the face people make when their boss routinely makes them go get their dry cleaning or something. That’s the expression we all make when our bosses or teachers do something stupid and the only thing that helps is pretending we’re on The Office. She even knows exactly how to handle him and what to say into the phone when he interrupts her.


Vivian tries to put out an alert to let the park know what’s going on, and Masrani immediately yells at her to stop, saying that the ACUs can take care of things and that knowing how to take care of incidents like this is integral to park management. I can see why he wouldn’t want to cause widespread panic– if they admitted that an animal was out of its pen for five minutes, the press would probably jump all over it– but they could at least see where the I. rex was heading and quietly close that section off, saying it was for maintenance or something. Heck, I came up with that idea on the fly and it’s totally doable. But okay Masrani, you know best.


Masrani says that dinosaurs escaping at some point was an “eventuality”. Well, at least he’s self-conscious. Maybe that was a big selling point to convince people that Jurassic World wouldn’t make the same mistakes Jurassic Park did.


Lowery immediately drops some snark, saying, “We should put that in the brochure. Eventually one of these things will eat somebody.” It’s like the voices of a million amateur film critics are coming out of his mouth at once!


Claire says that the paddock is 4 miles from the nearest attraction– well, that’s a bit much to ask of visitors who have to get everywhere on foot, isn’t it?– and that’s the end of it. I don’t really have anything to say about the clip overall, other than that it was good and seemed to fit the mood of the movie pretty well. I’m beginning to like Lowery’s character, and I think I will even more when I see more of him on the screen.

Another trailer for Lego Jurassic World came out as well, featuring more of Jurassic World than an of the other trailers:


The menu matches the official Jurassic World site, so if they’re exactly the same then the website must be done updating by now. I can’t wait to see if the site does anything after the movie comes out– it would be awesome to see red lights and livestreams of running crowds and a “STATE OF EMERGENCY” banner go up. I should mention that music plays here that very much evokes the first movie’s score but isn’t entirely similar, so we might be hearing Giaccino at work.


The streets of Jurassic World are beautiful, screen-accurate and… nearly empty. I guess corporate was wrong and attendance didn’t spike. Time to get creative, Claire.


Ah, now I see what they’re doing to boost attendance. Gyrosphere bumper cars and visitor endangerment.


A raptor rides by on a motorcycle, and nobody notices or even looks. Either Jurassic World has become a free-for-all Mad Max-style rampage where it’s every man for himself, or this is a regular occurrence in this universe. If it’s the second option, I would like to sign up to live in Video Game Land forever, please.


Here’s the Creation Lab, where Claire and her minions are hard at work making a new monstrosity. Right now they seem to be blending a spinosaur and a stegosaur. Aside from the horrifying implications, what would that animal even do? Eat leaves really viciously? Hunt humans, but very stupidly?

Tricerakylosaurus, because what really is anything anymore.
I’m not even trying with this one.

These are pretty weird (except the Tricerakylosaurus, I actually kind of like that one) but I’m sure they’re nothing compared to what people will make with the customizable-dinosaurs option. Everybody will endeavor to make the weirdest dino combination they possibly can and post their creations on the Internet, and Lord Kristine will promptly write romance stories about them.


Sarah Harding takes a selfie with a stegosaur. Need I say anything more? The lampshading is so, so real.



Then we see the Main Street attack– again, I’m getting sort of a creepy vibe from how empty the streets are– while the voice-over reminds us that Jurassic World isn’t liable for personal injury; it’s pretty funny. They’re free of responsibility for injury, yet they won’t tell anyone when they’re in danger from massive rampaging dinosaurs. That’s a healthy producer-consumer relationship for ya!


Raptors in the kitchen! Please tell me they’ll pull out a chef’s hat and vegetables.


I felt it was appropriate to make these:




No, you can’t destroy a city, I. rex. Geez, come up with your own terror-inducing ideas.

Finally, here are our stars at the recent premiere of the movie!


“Heh. Look at all the peasants.”
The Ship Train is still looking for passengers!


That’s it for JW news. I’ll put up Momocon photos soon!


11 thoughts on “Jurassic World Clip & Lego Trailer 3

      1. Oh, yes. You are too right. Did you know that a couple of people are being introduced to TSJPFEW through Stegocerotica? Did you know that they specifically requested the dirty version? Did you know that I have no faith in humanity?


      2. Wait, people requested Stegoceratops smut or they wanted a dirtier version than the one you wrote?! Kristine, I’m so sorry. Show me on the doll where the Internet hurt you.


      3. Well, I struck up a conversation with a couple of strangers about genocide or something at school, and somehow, we ended up talking about my work. They were especially keen to read my smut. I offered to send them the clean version, but they declined. I’ve also been told that Stegocerotica is not real smut because it has too much plot. Yeah.


  1. I wonder how many days the members of the ACU have until retirement.

    I just realized, I probably won’t go to the film during its official opening day (my sister says that she thinks it’ll be too crowded, so she thinks it’ll be a good idea to wait until the day after the official opening, which is also my birthday :D)…I think I’ll check out the website on the 12th >:]


    1. You should totally do that! You could be like an on-the-spot reporter while the rest of us are losing our $*&^ing minds in the background! For reasons that may or may not be related to your upcoming birthday, who’s your favorite JP character (can be human or dinosaur)?


      1. I like the sound of that!
        My favorite human character I’m not sure of, but I’m leaning towards Ellie, Grant or Muldoon. Favorite animal characters, of course, are Pteranodon and Velociraptor (no specific ones, just in general). I would probably love the Dilophosaurus too, though the fact that people believe Jurassic Park’s portrayal of it is scientifically accurate kind of makes ambivalent to it.


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